Why SWG is better than SWTOR

Star Wars Galaxies pre CU/NGE = Sandbox MMO

Star Wars the Old Republic =  Themepark MMO


SWG - Full of players socializing, entertainer classes designed to be in these buildings, music and dance used to buff combat classes

SWTOR - Empty as hell except for a few NPC's. If it weren't for the trainers and mission instances in the back of the cantina, nobody would go in here.


SWG - complex yet rewarding. Survey the ground for a resource, assess its quality and stick a bunch of harvesters permanently in the game to harvest it. Build a factory to mass produce whatever good you want to sell. Then open up a shop to sell your goods. Customize the name of your shop and stick furniture / display cases in it. Hire an NPC or droid to sell your goods, customize his greeting. All this stays in the world permanently.

SWTOR - A step above WoW in that it lets companion crew skills to do the boring click/create stuff. Yet why has MMORPG crafting become so boring in the first place that we now need a gameplay mechanic to NOT have to do it?


SWG - 34 different professions, many non-combat such as image designers, chefs, engineers, in addition to combat professions like Bounty Hunter, Rifleman, Fencer. Ability to train one character in multiple classes and switch classes.

SWTOR - Combat only, all based off standard archetypes of tank, mage, rogue, healer or hybrids thereof.

Player Housing 

SWG - Buy a house deed from an architect. Place it on a plot of land to claim it as your own. Place furniture all around it. Put your name on the sign outside so people know who lives there. Invite other players to visit and check it out.

SWTOR - None. Well you get a spaceship but you can't customize it and nobody else but you is allowed on it. It's basically just a small instance.

Character Customization

SWG - Extremely detailed. Able to make a character that looked like you. You could even set your character's mood, which would change your character's facial expression.

SWTOR - Limited set of race specific skins. A bunch of the sliders only have 3 or 4 options on it.

Vanity Pets

SWG - Put 6 points in the Creature Handler profession, go out and find a baby creature. Tame it successfully, name it, buy food from a chef profession to feed it, watch it grow into an adult. Teach it tricks. Do it several times and arrange all your pets in a formation. Use them for combat or mounts if they're suitable. Give them away as gifts to other players.

SWTOR - Tiny little graphics that follow you around and do nothing.

Space Combat

360 degree freedom. Pilot profession that would grant you the ability to fly better spacecraft as your skill developed.

SWTOR - Starfox 64 rail shooter

Mob AI

SWG - Friendly creatures would approach you with a question mark and check you out before running back to their herd. Certain creatures would have unique behaviors and non-combat AI. Cats would track and stalk you. One aggressive creature would kill its babies when threatened. NPC's from different factions would be locked in battle.

SWTOR - Friendly creatures just sit there and do nothing. Aggressive ones attack you until you run away or one of you is dead. No non-combat AI.

Tippin a 40 to the memory of the Sandbox MMO, and all the innovation that got squashed when developers decided copying WOW was the only way to go


4 Responses to “Why SWG is better than SWTOR”

  1. eli Says:

    everything about this is so true.

  2. Blazinghawk Says:

    I love you for this. :3

  3. gnorbert Says:

    Agreed. I still find it shocking that all I had in SWG is gone. The housing. The weapons. The characters. The vehicles. The worlds. Gone, just gone.

  4. Maddox Says:

    Get the emulator! SWG is still out there with a good number of players.

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