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The Knicks’ Problem

March 13, 2012

Stephen A Smith was going apeshit yesterday trashing the Knicks and Lin in particular, pretty much saying that Lin is a scrub and the Knicks should run the offense through Melo.

Why he’s wrong:

– The Knicks already ran the offense through Melo when Lin was warming the bench and it led them to an 8-15 record.  Why the hell would you do it again?

– The Knicks problem now isn’t offense, it’s defense.  And I say this as a Laker fan, whose team has stellar defense and an offense that’s only elevated above horrible because we have guys that can take over games.

NY Fans are blaming the Knicks losing streak on a chemistry problem between Lin and the stars.  The only thing Lin affects is the offense since he’s the primary ballhandler in a pick and roll read offense.  Yet he’s still turning out around 9-10 assists a night and Melo and Stat are getting 20+ points a night with good looks.  The Knicks have no problem breaking 100 points a game.  Offense is not the problem.

The problem is the other team is scoring 110 points a game because the Knicks defense, primarily in the interior, is non-existent.

During the Linsanity streak – Knicks gave up 89.5 points a game.  With Melo and STAT back in the starting lineup, they’re now giving up 104.5 points a game.  Meaning they have to score an additional half a quarter worth of points just to win.

With Melo and STAT back in the lineup, here’s what you don’t see any more:

– Jeffries and Lin drawing crucial charges

– Hustle plays for rebounds and loose balls

– Schumpert shutting down go-to guys for entire games.

Here’s what you do see