Why I Want Lebron to Win a Ring

And neither will Derrick Rose, thanks to Thibodeau riding his ass

First of all, Lebron was a retard for doing The Decision.  Making everyone watch TV for an hour just to find out where he’s gonna go = him being full of himself.

But that’s forgiveable.

Far as people thinking he should’ve stayed in Cleveland, that whole team was a bunch of scrubs being carried by Lebron.  He made Mo Williams into an allstar.  Now he’s nothing but a backup PG.  He made Varejao look like a 6th man of the year.  Now Varejao looks like the Lopez twin’s marginally talented younger brother.  Or Justin Guarini with a basketball.

Jordan had Pippen and Phil Jackson coaching the triangle by his 5th year.  By his 7th, Lebron still had a bunch of scrubs along with Mike Brown as head cheerleader.

A lot of the Decision backlash was catalyzed by Dan Gilbert throwing a tantrum.  By now, since it’s 2012, it’s pretty evident Gilbert is an asshole and a shitty businessman.  He complains about small market teams not getting their fair shake and gets Stern to block the Chris Paul trade.  Then he goes out and trades for Luke Walton.  Meanwhile, small market team OKC is in the Finals.  Basically what I’m trying to say is Gilbert isn’t good at anything except throwing tantrums.

So here’s why I want Lebron to win.  Everybody hates him.  Which makes him like every other champ.  Why?

In the NBA, every champ has had to go through hard times.  Those hard times create character.

  • When Kobe came into the league, he sucked.  I remember seeing games at the Forum, where he’d come out, showboat his handles, and brick or lose the ball, making everybody smack their head.  He said, fuck you guys, kept at it and now he’s one of the best.
  • Dwayne Wade spent the early part of his career in the shadow of Carmelo and Lebron.  He also spent it under Pat Riley, who’s an asshole.  He’s also been plagued with injuries (I remember him carrying his team on his back in the playoffs during Spoelstra’s first year when his back was so fucked up he needed help just to get off the bench).  No complaining, just working hard, the guy is a motherfuckin champ.  Which is why he has a ring and Lebron  and Carmelo don’t.
  • Jeremy Lin is one of the best stories in sports 2012.  No D1 scholarship despite leading his high school team to a state title, undrafted despite breaking Ivy League records, getting stuck playing for Keith Smart who hated rookies and loved iso ball, getting labeled as a marketing tool with no game, getting tossed repeatedly into d league, getting waived at the expense of scrubs.  The guy’s life has been tough times since 06.  Which is why everyone loves his story, the guy’s an underdog who said, fuck all you haters, I’m still gonna get mines.

Up until 2 years ago, Lebron’s career had been coasting.  The guy was talented, destined to be one of the greats and was riding high.  The dude would be doing his stupid baby powder thing and dancing around the court.   The guy wore a dookie and shiny gold hammer pants during the ESPY’s while dancing to Bobby Brown and afterwards, people still called him King instead of faggot.  That says a lot.   There were no hard times for the Cavs Lebron.  But then he realized he didn’t want to be a Reggie Miller or a Barkley and retire without a ring.  So he got proactive and did what he thought he needed to do and jumped shipped to Miami.  And everyone hated him for it.  From then the pressure was on him to deliver and he wasn’t used to it so he would choke.  And everyone laughed at his ass.

You guys are his hard times since he no longer has any fans to play for, which is a good thing because the guy’s FINALLY saying, fuck you guys, and playing for himself and not you.  Which is why he exerted his will on the Celtics and was the deciding factor Games 6 or 7.  The guy finally has a champ mentality and is remembering why he moved to Miami in the first place.

I don’t know if Miami will win against OKC.  I’m a Laker fan so I kinda don’t care all that much.  As a Laker fan, it would also kinda make me happy to see Fisher get a 6th ring.  But I wouldn’t be mad if Lebron won.  IMO the guy deserves it more than anyone on the Thunder.


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